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November 18, 2011

Dear Reader,

Today I’m starting my personal blog. Since I’ve built up a pretty good list of Facebook friends, twitter followers and LinkedIn connections, I figured I’d better start contributing more to the discussions. Like most of you I sometimes can’t do that in 140 characters, so we could think of this blog as my way of cheating twitter, as least in part.

I’m launching this blog in conjunction with my company Stratcom’s blog which we started this week. I’ll use this personal space for social and political commentary, and maybe the odd partisan jab which probably doesn’t belong in the company blog.

Both blogs will focus on strategy and techniques in the non-profit and political world. But in mine, I’ll do some political commentary and I’ll look more closely at polling, media and election campaigns, and the intersection of the three. This particular topic deserves a lot more discussion with advent of cheaper (and often weaker) polling techniques, and the media’s increasing fascination with – but not necessarily understanding of –  all things “horse race.” There is more, I think, that needs to be said here, and that’s in part what I intend too.

I’ll start with some discussion of the recent Vancouver municipal election (where we did the polling for Mayor Robertson and Vision Vancouver) and the media coverage of it will be fodder for some of my first posts. Watch for those next week.

I hope to hear from you too, so please follow and comment, and retweet!


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